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YSIS Entertainment is a celebrity, international personalities, and live-production management & booking agency. Our services include:

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Entertainment brokerage, also known as talent brokerage or talent booking, is a specialized service within the entertainment industry that involves connecting event organizers, businesses, or individuals with artists, performers, celebrities, and other entertainment professionals for various types of brands, engagements, events, or projects. Entertainment brokers act as intermediaries, facilitating the booking and negotiation process between clients (buyers) and talent (sellers), simplifying the process of securing entertainment for events, and ensuring that both the client and talent have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and expectations.

Talent Representation

Entertainment brokers often represent a roster of artists, performers, speakers, or celebrities. These talents may include musicians, actors, comedians, athletes, motivational speakers, and more.

Client Consultation

Brokers work closely with clients to understand their specific entertainment needs, including the type of event, budget constraints, audience demographics, and entertainment preferences.

Talent Sourcing

Based on the client’s requirements, brokers identify and recommend suitable talent options from their roster or through their industry connections. They may also conduct talent searches if needed.


Brokers negotiate the terms and conditions of the talent’s engagement on behalf of their clients. This includes fees, performance dates, rider requirements (such as technical specifications and dressing room accommodations), and contractual details.

Contract Management

Once an agreement is reached, brokers assist in drafting and finalizing contracts between the client and talent. These contracts outline all the agreed-upon terms, expectations, and legal obligations.

Logistics Coordination**

Entertainment brokers help coordinate logistics related to the talent’s appearance, such as travel arrangements, accommodations, technical setup, and sound checks.

Event Promotion

In some cases, brokers may assist in promoting the event or engagement through their industry connections and networks.

Financial Transactions

Brokers handle financial transactions, ensuring that payments are made to the talent according to the contract terms. They may also take a commission or fee for their services, which is typically negotiated separately.

Risk Management

Brokers help mitigate risks associated with the engagement, such as ensuring that the talent shows up on time and performs as agreed. They may also have contingency plans in case of unexpected issues.

Client Support

Throughout the engagement, brokers serve as a point of contact between the client and talent, addressing any concerns, questions, or changes that may arise.

Post-Engagement Evaluation

After the event or engagement, brokers may gather feedback from both the client and talent to assess the overall success of the booking and identify areas for improvement.

Talent Management





Natt Kawinrachatapraprida
CEO of YSIS Entertainment

I asked myself, when was the last time I was excited to go to a show in Asia? That was the problem, I couldn’t answer. It was time to do something about it. For myself and those without answers. Southeast Asia is a beautiful region with many talented personalities. It’s time to show the world that our region is ready, our personalities make an impact globally, and we’re ready to stand together to support local and global communities. There’s no better time than now.

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